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Gift in your will | Donate | Stanley Grange | a small community for adults with learning disabilities and complex needs

Gift in your will

Leaving a legacy donation to Stanley Grange in your will is a great way of supporting us long into the future...

There are different ways of leaving legacy gifts in your will:

  1. A Pecuniary gift: a specific sum of money or item is listed.
  2. A Residual gift: what is left from your estate after all other beneficiaries have been paid.
  3. A percentage legacy:  where you don’t specify an amount, but a specific share of your estate.
  4. As a contingent beneficiary: the charity benefits if the other beneficiaries have also deceased.

If you already have a will, you don't need to write a new one.  You can simply complete a codicil (an amendment) to reflect your wishes and get that added to your existing will.

You can read more about how to leave Stanley Grange a legacy donation in your will here.  

Please contact a solicitor for more information about legacy donations and the best option for you.



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