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Donate | Stanley Grange | a small community for adults with learning disabilities and complex needs

Donate to Stanley Grange 

Donations big and small - are always very welcome! We understand that money is tight and there are so many different charities out there who are all deserving of your donation.

Here at Stanley Grange, we try to be different:

This means that your donation to us really does make a difference: all of the cash you donate will go to developing Stanley Grange into the vibrant and fulfilling community we all know it can be. We have identified three immediate fundraising goals for Stanley Grange:

  1. Raising significant funds to pay back the loan outstanding on the site;
  2. Funding improvements and the development of new services at Stanley Grange;
  3. Future projects, which we will run specific fundraising campaigns for.

Our immediate priorities are the first two goals. But we can't acheive them without your help...


Buys an hour of support to train one person in grounds maintenance


Buys enough material to fund a pottery, painting and music club for a month


Buys the seeds and seedlings to support one person in our garden centre

Click here to donate now

We also have attractive sponsorship packages for people and organisations who are able to donate more money, including:

Please call on 01254 852878 for further details

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